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The monsoon season on Tioman is the quietest time of the year when demand for popular activities such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, climbing, sailing and trekking is reduced. With the hosting of the Tioman Surf Festival, it is projected that:

Monsoon tourism will be promoted
Helps sustain a year long tourism industry
Provides income and activities for the local islanders
Promote surfing as a source of income.

The monsoon brings good swell from the Northeastern Hemisphere to the South China Sea creating perfect conditions for surfing and other wave and wind sports. Increasing tourism aimed towards surfers will hopefully gradually remove the notion of high and low season on Tioman, creating a year round tourist destination and in turn a year round sustainable economy.

Tioman has plenty of wave breaks that can be considered World Class but also plenty of waves for beginner's. Small, smooth breaks like these can encourage tourists to pick Tioman as a destination for learning to surf.

Holding a yearly event like this will give more credibility and chances to grow the industry in Malaysia & International markets.

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Tioman Surf Festival

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