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Surf Festival

Brainchild of Tioman local Hisham Uyub, Tioman Surf Festival is a yearly event that runs during the mid-monsoon season.

The festival runs over 3-4 days and is gaining ever-more traction amongst surfers, families and holidaying travellers alike. The upcoming edition's dates are January 31st to February 2nd 2020.

The heat is on!
The heat is on!

The show-stopper of the 2020 Tioman Surf Festival edition will of course be the surf competition. Local surfers will once again unite with their brethren from far and wide, including Maldives, Australia, France, United Kingdom and USA.

The arena? Juara, Tioman, the ideal venue for the watermen to pit their surfing skills, given the solid wind-swept surf that Juara offers this time of year.

That being said, over the years, Hisham has deftly moulded Tioman Surf Festival into more than just a surfing competition. It is now a comprehensive Island Appreciation Program, albeit one where the surfing is still the backbone of the procedings.

Previous winners
Previous winners

Also high on the Tioman Surf Festival agenda: Tioman Island promotion, as well as increasing awareness of Conservation and Environmental concerns.

The program includes presentations from local organizations such as:

• Tioman Development Authority
• Tioman Marine Parks
• Tourism Malaysia and local dive resort and sport operators.

Cultural activities for non-surfers will also be featured. For instance:

• live music;
• beach games;
• local food tasting;
• rock climbing

Jom Tioman!!!
Jom Tioman!!!


Juara, Tioman Island


Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020