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Juara Beach

Tioman Island, Malaysia



Juara is the only village on Tioman's east coast and arguably the most secluded in Tioman. The Mersing ferry doesn't stop at this village's jetty, likely the reason Juara is still as rustic as it was before Tioman gained global recognition as world-class getaway island.

In order to get to Juara, travelers have to take the ferry to Tekek Village. From here, there are taxis that go to Juara, about a 30 minute cross-jungle drive. Tip: Call or Whatsapp Midi Juara Taxi on +60 1365 34124.

Still, some intrepid visitors hike across on foot, although at about a 3-hour sweat-fest, it's probably not for the less than fit.

Juara seclusion notwithstanding, the simply stunning sunrises alone makes Juara so worth the effort. Besides, Juara's beach was voted 21st most beautiful beach in the world by CNN. In other words, well worth a visit, wether you're a surfer or not.

Juara offers a good number of accommodations and restaurants, most just a stone's throw from the beach.

Apart from Juara's gorgeous sea and beach, there's a dense emerald jungle to explore, as well as a modest river, a waterfall and a lagoon.

Frankly, you won't be in need of places to see and things to do in and around Juara, especially since there's also a turtle sanctuary to check out. Great work is done there.

November to February marks a special time in Juara because this is where the surf gets whipped up to solid peaks by the punchy northeasterly and South China Sea's long fetch.

Surf's up!!

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