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Train Tickets

The train system in Malaysia, called KTMB BHD, which stands for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad, or Malayan Railways Limited, has traditionally been quite a well-used one, especially by the Malaysia population. The predominant reason for this is the relatively large size of the country and the great distances family members oftentimes find themselves. That being said, tourists appear to have discovered this great way to get around the country too. Not surprising of course, since it's efficient, fun and cheap too.

Getting there is half the fun

It so happens that KTMB has been the subject of a considerable upgrade the past few years, one, in fact, that continues to this day. Not only is the rail network being expanded upon, but the trains themselves are being replaced or at least refurbished. Most carriages offer full climate-control interiors, comfortable reclinable seating and even nifty extras like USB chargers and flipdown tables.

Naturally, train tickets are available virtually nowadays and there are lots and lots of destinations to choose from. Want to book your tickets online? Just use the reservation form below.

Peak season is !

You can use this reservation form for all the available train routes, not just in Malaysia, but in Thailand and in Singapore as well.


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Jan 01 - Dec 31, 2024