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Tioman Ultra 2024

The Tioman Ultra, set against the stunning backdrop of Malaysia's pristine Tioman Island, is once again, bound to be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for trail running enthusiasts. This year, the event is poised to attract participants from around the globe, eager to test their endurance and immerse themselves in the island's natural beauty.

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The rugged terrain and lush rainforest of Tioman Island provide the perfect setting for this ultra trail run, offering runners a challenging and rewarding course that winds through dense jungle, along untouched beaches and up, at times, steep inclines. Participants can expect breathtaking views of crystal-clear seas, rugged boulders and lush vegetation as they conquer the course.

Pick Your Distance

With multiple distance options available, ranging from the feasible 13 click run for the mere mortal to the grueling 50 km ultra distance for the, yes, the ultra fit, the Tioman Ultra 2024 promises to be another one for the ages. Whether you're a seasoned ultrarunner seeking a new challenge or a decent runner looking to push your limits, there's a race for you at Tioman Ultra.

Tioman = scuba heaven

But the Tioman Ultra is more than just a race—it's a celebration of community, camaraderie and the spirit of adventure. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with fellow runners, share personal experiences and forge everlasting memories, all of it against the stunning panoramas of Tioman's awesome environment.

Run With The Wind

As runners cross the finish line at breathtaking Kampong Air Batang, a.ka. ABC, each willl be greeted with cheers, applause and the satisfaction of knowing they've conquered one of the most challenging trail running courses in Asia. And as the runners reflect on their run at Nazri 1 Resort, one of Air Batang's anchor accommodations, all participants will undoubtedly carry with them a newfound appreciation for Tioman's one-of-a-kind appeal, as well as the indomitable spirit of the ultrarunning community.

Feast your eyes on Tioman's natural abundance

Tioman Ultra runs from Thursday May 30th until Sunday June 1st. Booking your slot a-sap makes sense, because early-birds get better rates. Want a smooth journey into and out of Tioman? Then it's good to know that you can book your road and ferry transport in one fell swoop.

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Tioman Ultra is the brainchild of MMTF Consultant and Persatuan Gunung Tioman. These guys know what they're doing. Check out their dedicated website for all the Tioman Ultra details, and then some.

Happy running!


Kampong Air Batang, Tioman


May 30 - June 1, 2024